• Bump Cap
  • Tychem® 2000 Hood
  • Low flow gauge
  • SAR breathing tube

Part # 17-120-12

The RPB T-Link has been designed to move with you, not against you. With your comfort and job our main focus, the T-Link transforms how you work, advancing your safety and increasing productivity.

Your ability to see has been at the forefront of our design process, with the T-Link boasting a large visor that enables you to easily connect with your surroundings. This is further supported by our Tychem®  hood that securely attaches to the headtop, ensuring your downward and peripheral vision is never compromised.

The soft breathable inner-bib and extra tuck-in collar ensures maximized comfort and helps to direct air down your body for cooling.
Fitted with a padded headliner and head suspension system, the headtop’s weight is evenly distributed to enhance your experience of comfort, relieving you of aches and strains on your neck.

Being fully adjustable ensures the respirator fits securely to all head sizes, maximizing stability and always moving with your head.
Our innovative design ensures you have a greater range of movement, so you can focus on the task at hand.

The T-Link conforms to the standards below: